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Strengths & Weaknesses of Canadian Rising Star Denis Shapovalov

After winning Delpotro & Nadal and reaching the semi-final in the last Canadian Open, Denis Shapovalov broke through the ATP top 100 and became the new rising star. Although the Canadian is brand new at that level, Tennisprofiler wanted to know as soon as possible his strengths & weaknesses in terms of shots effectiveness & game plans. In order to proceed, Tennisprofiler quickly gathered 798 points from Shapovalov this year to make that study. THE FOREHAND ATTACKS - STRENGTHS N°1 When compared with the direct rivals, Shapovalov took the biggest edge with the quality of his forehand. In that study, he made on average 70% more points but also 20% more unforced errors than the rivals with that

Similarities & Differences between Federer & Dimitrov

Federer & Dimitrov are very often compared because of their game similarities. It’s true that technically they really look alike and that’s why Dimitrov is also named “Baby Federer”. But do we have the same similarities between them in terms of shot effectiveness & game plan? This study will put face to face Federer to Dimitrov and explain in a statistical point of views what are really their similarities but also their differences with all the possible shots (service, return, forehand, backhand & volley). 33’510 analysed points were needed to make that research. THE SERVE Federer & Dimitrov first serve percentage is almost the same: 63% for Federer against 61% for Dimitrov. Both also have t

Match Key Points Nadal vs Anderson US Open Final 2017

Nadal (1) defeated Anderson (32) 6-3 6-3 6-4 First Key of the Match Nadal Global Backhand Effectiveness This is with the backhand that Nadal mainly made the difference against Anderson in the US Open Final. Many factors explain this advantage. Although Anderson took more risks with the backhand, Nadal managed to win more points than him with that shot in the end (13 versus 10). This is by counterpunching (5), passing (4) and even drop shotting (2) that the Spaniard won points with the backhand. Then, Nadal made 12 errors less with the backhand than Anderson (2 versus 14). The South African made mistakes because he was taking risks but also because Nadal wore him down with his forehand cross

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