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  •  Fabrice Sbarro is the creator of TennisProfiler. He spent 13 years and more than 12'000 hours watching & collecting tennis data with a self-made stats program. In total, this is around 7000 tennis matches or samples that he recorded for a total of 1 million points registered on his computer.

  •  As a tennis coach, Fabrice Sbarro trained many WTA/ATP/ITF Juniors players. He also took part in all the Grand Slams as a coach and won many national titles with Swiss Juniors players.

  • As a statisticien and data interpreter, Fabrice Sbarro worked for Tennis Federations, international academies & private coaches. From 2019, he started working with Gilles Cervara, coach of Daniil Medvedev and Nicolas Mahut for doubles. 

  • In 2018, Fabrice Sbarro wrote a tennis book on game style strategies "Tennis quel joueur êtes-vous ?" edited by Amphora.

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  • TennisProfiler is one of the biggest scientific research in the world, made on the top 100 ATP/WTA tennis players.

  • TennisProfiler is the result of 12 years of research on the ATP/WTA tour Players, more than half a million points were analyzed live or with live streaming.

  • TennisProfiler is made of about 100'000 gathered self-made stats.

  • TennisProfiler is one of the biggest scientific research on professional tennis players realized by only one person. 

  • Every ATP/WTA player on the lists has been at least one week ranked in the top 100 (between 2015 & 2019).

  • Each ATP/WTA player on the lists has been analyzed with a minimum of 1000 points (live or live streaming). The players with the maximum points analyzed is 40'000.

  • Then, TennisProfiler selects the most important categories of analysis.

  • In these categories of analysis, all the results of the ATP/WTA players are compared with each other. Like that, all the results on that site are purely objective and not subjective.

  • All the results of the ATP/WTA players are divided into 5 different categories:

Far Below the Average​ of the top 100 ATP/WTA Player

Below the Average​ of the top 100 ATP/WTA Player

In the Average​ of the top 100 ATP/WTA Player

Above the Average​ of the top 100 ATP/WTA Player

Far Above the Average​ of the top 100 ATP/WTA Player

  • The results of some players are adapted to the main ATP/WTA tour level (Grand Slam, 1000, 500 & 250 events). That's why some excellent Challenger or ITF players might get more results below average than expected. On the Challenger tour, their results will be higher.  

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Collaboration with "Africa Tennis Mag" for articles (French)

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