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Gilles Cervara & Medvedev.jpg

#Gilles Cervara (FRA) - ATP tour

  •  Coach of Daniil Medvedev

  • 2019 Coach of the year

  •  Works with Fabrice Sbarro since Montreal 2019

Félix Auger-Aliassime Fontang.jpg

#Team Félix Auger-Aliassime - ATP tour

  •  Coached by Frédéric Fontang

  • Best ATP Ranking: 15

  • Works with Fabrice Sbarro since Melbourne 2021

Nicolas Mahut.png

#Nicolas Mahut (FRA) - ATP tour

  • 5 times Grand Slam Winners

  • Former number #1 ATP in double 

  • Winners of the Masters in London (2019)

  •  Works with Fabrice Sbarro since London Masters 2019

Bouzkova + Cristian.jpg

#Marie Bouzkova (CZE) & Cristian - WTA tour

  •  4 Career high of N°46

  • Former N°7 ITF Junior, US Open Champion Jr.  

  • Coached by Cristian Requeni

  •  Works with Fabrice Sbarro since Australian Open 2021

Roberto Antonini.jpg

#Roberto Antonini (ITA) - ATP & Challenger tour

  •  Currently coaching Luca Nardi (ATP #643)

  • 23 years experience on the tour

  • Former Coach of Zarina Diyas, Saisai Zheng, Tatsuma Ito, Yen-sun Lu and Davide Sanguinetti

  •  Works with Fabrice Sbarro since AO 2020

Lionel Grossenbacher.jpg

#Lionel Grossenbacher (SWI) - ITF Future tour

  •  Currently coaching Damien Wenger (former #34 ITF Junior & ATP #599)

  • Fitness Coach of Vera Zvonareva

  • Works with Fabrice Sbarro since 2015

Eric Faroro.jpg

#Eric Faoro (FRA) - ITF Future & Junior tour

  • CEO of ML Tennis

  • Helping & managing Aubane Droguet (WTA #727)

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2016

Yannick Dumas.jpg

#Yannick Dumas (FRA) - ITF Junior tour

  •  Currently coaching Charlélie Cosnet (top 10 junior in France & 81 ITF Junior ranking)

  • 10 years of experience on the ITF Junior tour

  • Creator of YD Team Tennis

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2020

Cédric Brandli.jpg

#Cedric Brandli (FRA) - ITF Future tour

  • Currently coaching Tom Paris -2/6

  • CEO of Holistic Tennis

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2021

Pablo Minutella.jpg

#Pablo Minutella (ARG) - ITF Future tour & National

  • Head Coach of PM Academy (Neuchâtel)

  • Coaching ITF & National Players

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2015

Fred Nussbaum.jpg

#Fred Nussbaum (SWI) - ITF Future tour & National

  • Head Coach of Balle de Set (Marin)

  • Coaching ITF & National Players

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2015

Indra Karma.jpg

#Indra Karma (IND) - National

  • Coach at Tennis Club Nyon

  • Coaching National Players

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2018

Israel Perez Martinez.jpg

#Israel Perez (ARG) - National & Local

  • Coach at Tennis Club Nyon

  • Coaching National & Local Players

  • Works with TennisProfiler since 2018

#Fabrice Sbarro (SWI)

  •  Creator & Strategist Expert of TennisProfiler

  • Statisticien and strategist coach for Gilles Cervara (Daniiil Medvedev), Félix Auger-Aliassime's Team and Nicolas Mahut

  •  Coach at the Grand Slams level and former Swiss national players trainer

  • Swiss Tennis Trainer A

  • Author of "Tennis quel joueur êtes-vous ?" edited by Amphora

Every TennisProfiler Expert is a free-lance

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#Lionel Grossenbacher (SWI)

Lionel Grossenbacher.jpg
  • Fitness Expert for TennisProfiler

  •  Fitness Coach of Vera Zvonareva, former WTA world number 2 and 2020 US Open Double Winner

  • Tennis Coach of Damien Wenger (former ITF Junior #24)

  • Master's degree of Science in Training and Performance

  • Swiss Olympic Elite Trainer

#Shane Lyanage (AUS)

Shane Lyanage.jpg
  • Data Strategist for TennisProfiler

  •  Creator of Data Driven Sport Analytics

  • Masters of Sports Analytics

  • Executive Data Science

  • Statistician & Data Expert for ATP/WTA players

#Laurent Quint (CAN)

Laurent Quint.jpg
  • Psychologist & Mind-set Expert for TennisProfiler

  • Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Certified Trainer by Emploi Quebec

  • Master’s degree in Psychology

  • Over 10 years of experience in Mental Health

Arnaud Agniel.jpg

#Arnaud Agniel (FRA)

  • Double Expert for TennisProfiler

  • Travelling Coach of Adrian Mannanrino & Nicolas Mahut

  • Worked as a Coach with Hand Podlipnik, Andrei Vasilevski, Farbice Martin & Edouard Roger-Vasselin

Cyril Genevois.jpeg

#Cyril Genevois (FRA)

  • Biomechanical Expert for TennisProfiler

  • Master’s degree and PhD in Sport Sciences

  • ITF Speaker all around the world

  • 25 years of experience in the tennis coaching and sport science filed

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