Last Update: December 2018

2349 Points Analyzed Manually for this Study



* 60% more Aces/Service Winners & 20% less Double Faults than her Rivals on Average

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve (27%)

* Second Serve Won Points (50%)

* Ratio of Double Faults (9%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on Second Serve (7%)


* None


* 20% more Points for the Same Ratio of Errors with the Forehand than her Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Cross & Down the Line

* Forehand Effectiveness on the Service Games

* Forehand Attacks on a short ball


* Low Ratio of Points with the Forehand Cross

* High Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Forehand Drop Shot (not really played)


* Total of Points Won at the Net (12%)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (5% of er total points won)

* Baseline Approach (6% of her total points won)


* Percentage of Points Won at the Net (60%)

* Chip & Charge (not really played)

* Volley Points/Errors Ratio (48%)


* 20% less Errors with the Backhand than her Rivals on Average

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Backhand Touch on a short ball


* 2 Times less Points & 10% more Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Low Ratio of Points with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Backhand Effectiveness on the Return Games


* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Return


* 30% less Points & 20% more Errors with the Return than her Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Return

* Low Ratio of Points with the Backhand Return

* First Serve Return Won Points (33%)

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When compared with her rivals, Samantha Stosur takes by far her biggest edge with the serve. She makes on average 60% more aces/service winners and 20% less double faults. Because of that we can say that she is a Server.

Server / High

Samatha Stosur comes in more than the average of the WTA players but we can's say that she is that effective at the net. The percentage of points won and the volley points/errors ratio is below average. In her case, the forehand approach is better than the quality of her volley.

Offensive / Medium

Even though Samantha Stosur plays the backhand rather close to the baseline, she isn't a Tempo player at all. The Punching game style is so dominant with her that the ratio of points won with the backhand & backhand return is far below average.

Tempo / Low

Samantha Stosur's second best shot is the Punching forehand. She makes on average 20% more points with that shot than her rivals and this is especially with the inside out & inside in forehand that she is the most aggressive.

Puncher / High

Having such a big serve & forehand and coming in more than average, Samantha Stosur isn't a Retriever. Nonetheless, when the baseline rallies extend over 8 shots she gets good results. 

Retriever / Medium-low

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