Last Update: February 2019

1491 Points Analyzed Manually for this Study

Forehand - 5 Stars

(Far Above top100 Average)


* 20% more Points & 10% less Errors with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Down the Line

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Won 56% of the Points after playing a Forehand Down the Line

* Won 55% of the Points after playing a Forehand Inside In

* Forehand Approach 

* Forehand Effectiveness in the medium & long Rallies

* Forehand Pass


* Forehand Drop Shot & Touch (not really played)

Backhand - 4 Stars

(Above top100 Average)


* 30% more Points with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Very high Ratio of Points with the Backhand Cross

* First Backhand Attack after the Return

* Backhand Attack on a Short Ball

* Backhand Drop Shot (58% of the points when played)

* Backhand Pass


* 20% more Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Very High Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Won 41% of the Points after playing 2 Backhands Cross in a row

Return - 4 Stars

(Above top100 Average)


* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Return

* First Serve Return Won Points (35%)

* Receives 11% less Aces/Service Winners than Average

* Second Serve Return Won Points (52%


* Low Ratio of Points with the Forehand Return

* High Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Return

Volley - 4 Stars

(Above Top100 Average)


* Total of Points won at the Net (18%)

* Serve & Volley when played (86% of the points won)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (7% of his total points won)

* Baseline Approach (7% of his total points won)

* Volley Points/Errors Ratio


* Return Volley (not really played)

Serve - 3 Stars

(In the Top100 Average)


* Same Ratio of Aces/Service Winners as his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Won Points just in the Average (69%)

* Second Serve Won Points (54%)


* Same Ratio of Aces/Service Winners as his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Won Points just in the Average (69%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve (26%)

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Taking the ball on the rise close to his baseline, Marcelo Rios could be regarded as a Tempo player. He was making on average 20% more points with the forehand but also 30% more with the backhand.

Tempo / High

When he had a chance, Marcelo Rios often followed his forehand or backhand to the net. In total 18% of his points were won at the net (with or without a volley to play) and this result was above average. His favorite ways to come in was the 1-2 punch and the baseline approach but he could also surprise his rivals from time to time with a serve & volley. 

Offensive / Medium-high

Marcelo Rios cannot be regarded as a Server but his ratio of aces/service winners was not so far from the general average. However, this was much more from the back of the court that he made the difference against his rivals in a match. 

Server / Medium-low

Marcelo Rios was not only a Tempo player but also a Puncher. When compared with his rivals, his best shot was the forehand. He could do everything on that side: play in Tempo, Counterpunch and off course Punch.

Puncher / High

As a complete baseline, Marcelo Rios could also Retrieve, extend the rallies and win points by the errors of his rivals. However, he cannot be regarded as a Retriever because he was much more the one dictating the rallies than the opposite. 

Retriever / Medium

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