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* 60% more Aces/Service Winners than his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Percentage (63%)

* First Serve Won Points (80%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve (55%)

* Second Serve Won Points (53%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on Second Serve (12%)


* None


* 70% more Points with the Volley than his Rivals on Average

* Total of Points won at the Net (23%)

* Serve & Volley (6% of his total points won)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (10% of his total points won)

* Baseline Approach (7% of his total points won)

* Volley Points/Errors Ratio (70%)


* Chip & Charge (not really played)


* 30% more Points with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Cross

* Wins 64% of the Points after playing a Forehand Inside In

* First Forehand after the Serve

* Forehand Attacks on a short ball

* Forehand Pass


* 80% more Errors with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Down the Line & Inside Out

* Wins 40% of the Points after playing a Forehand Down the Line

* Forehand Effectiveness in the Medium & Long Rallies (over 5 shots)

* Forehand Drop Shot & Touch (not really played)


* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Return


* 2 Times more Errors with the Return than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Errors with the Forehand & Backhand Return

* Low Ratio of Points with the Backhand Return

* First Serve Return Won Points (25%)

* Second Serve Return Won Points (46%)


* Low Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Cross


* 30% less Points & 10% more Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Low Ratio of Points with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Wins 40% of the Points after playing a Backhand Down the Line

* Wins 39% of the Points after playing a Backhand Slice

* Backhand Effectiveness on the Return Games

* Backhand Touch on a short ball

* Backhand Drop Shot (41% of the points when played)

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Milos Raonic is a dominant Server. When compared with his rivals this is by far with the Serve that he takes his biggest edge against them. He is one of the best Servers on the ATP tour because he has the double advantage to get a high first serve percentage (63%) and a high ratio of unreturned (55%).

Server / Very high

Milos Raonic uses his big Serve to come in with the serve & volley or with the 1-2 punch right after it. In total, 23% of his points are won at the net (with or without a volley to play) and this result is above the general average of the ATP players.

Offensive / Medium High

Having such a big Serve, being Offensive and Punching hard the ball with the forehand, Milos Raonic wins only 27% of his points by the errors of his rivals. This result is far below average and as a consequence he is nothing but a Retriever.

Retriever / Very low

From the back of the court, Milos Raonic is a Puncher who likes to hit strong his forehand. However, the forehand results are globally in the average and not above. This is right after his serve that he is the most effective with that shot. Then, when the baseline rallies extend he is usually dominated by his rivals on that side (too many errors).

Puncher / Medium-high

Milos Raonic can't be regarded as a Tempo player at all. His backhand and backhand return's results are below the average of the ATP players mainly because he is not so effective taking the ball on the rise. 

Tempo / Low

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