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1745 Points Analyzed Manually for this Study



* 2 Times more Points with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Very High Ratio of Points with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Won 55% of the Points after playing a Backhand Down the Line

* Won 51% of the Points after playing two Backhands Cross in a row

* Backhand Effectiveness in any kind of Rallies (short, medium & long)

* Backhand Approach

* Backhand Pass


* 20% more Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line


* 20% more Points with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Low Ratio fo Errors with the Forehand Down the Line & Inside In

* Won 70% of the Points after playing a Forehand Inside In

* W0n 52% of the Points after playing two Forehands Inside Out in a row

* First Forehand after the Serve

* Forehand Approach

* Forehand Drop Shot (68% of the points when played)

* Forehand Pass


* 10% more Errors with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average


* 20% more Aces/Service Winners than his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Won Points (72%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve in the Average (35%)

* Second Serve Won Points (56%)

* Ratio of Double Faults (3%)


* First Serve Percentage (54%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve in the Average (35%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on Second Serve (1%)


* 50% more Points & 20% less Errors with the Return than his Rivals on Average

* Ratio of Points/Errors with the Forehand & Backhand Return in the Average

* First Serve Return Won Points (31%)

* Second Serve Return Points Won (54%)


* Ratio of Points/Errors with the Forehand & Backhand Return in the Average


* Total of Points won at the Net (21%)

* Serve & Volley when played (83% of the points won)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (7% of the total won points)

* Baseline Approach (10% of the total won points)


* 2 Times less Points with the Volley than his Rivals on Average

* Chip and Charge (not really played)

Gustavo Kuerten was a dominant Puncher. When the rallies started from the back of the court he made on average more points & errors than his opponents with the forehand & backhand. But in the end he dominated them by making much more points. Usually the Punchers attack with the topspin forehand and Retrieve with the backhand but it wasn't the case of Gustavo Kuerten. Having one of the best single-handed backhand of all time he could also attack with the topspin backhand and was really effective doing so. 

Puncher - Very high

As more a clay court specialist Gustavo Kuerten could Retrieve but we can't say that he was a Retriever because he was making on average more errors with the forehand & backhand than his rivals. His Offensive side was also stronger than his Retrieve. 

Retriever - Medium-low

Opting for heavy topspin on both sides, Gustavo Kuerten wasn't a Tempo player at all. Nonetheless he could take the ball on the rise close when needed but this wasn't his trademark. 

Tempo - Low

Gustavo Kuerten wasn't only effective with the forehand & the backhand, he could also count on a good Serve. This shot allowed him to make on average 20% more aces/service winners than his rivals and he also took an edge by making less double faults than them. When his first serve was in 35% of the time it was unreturned and this result stand in the average of the ATP players. But knowing he was more a clay court specialist this result was excellent and explained why he made more aces/service winners than his rivals. 

Serve - Medium-high

Gustavo Kuerten wasn't only an aggressive baseliner he also moved forward on a regular basis (Offensive). In total, 21% of his points were won at the net (with or without a volley to play) and this result stand above the average of the ATP players. He liked to Punch from the back of the court and finish the point at the net. This explained why his favorite way to come in was the baseline approach or the 1-2 punch approach right after his serve.

Offensive - Medium


The Puncher dominated the Retriever with the forehand and surprisingly not the backhand. Gustavo Kuerten was exceptional on that day with his forehand winning in total 40 points with that shot for only 20 unforced errors. 13 points inside out, 12 cross, 6 inside in, 6 down the line, 2 drop shots & 1 touch. Needless to say that Sergi Bruguera was all around the place: " Thanks for the visit Gustavo but I already know well Court Philippe Chatrier...". 

To finish the Spaniard off Mister Kuerten also fired 13 points with the serve, 4 with the return, 11 with the backhand & 7 with the volley. His game was as flashy as his shirt, merci Guga pour le spectacle ! 

1997 Roland Garros Final against Sergi Bruguera

Gustavo Kuerten defeated Sergi Bruguera in three sets 6-3 6-4 6-2. In total, he won 111 and his rivals 83 points in this match. 



Toc toc toc... Bonjour Monsieur Corretja mon nom est Guga Kuerten. Oui que puis-je faire pour vous ? Bim 26 points with the forehand! Bam 23 points with the serve! Boom 21 points with the backhand. Paff 4 points with the return! Vous avez terminé? Non Ping 8 points with the volley!

At the end of the match Gustavo Kuerten didn't draw a heart with his racquet but with his gun and it would have been logical to ask Alex to lay down with him... 

2001 Roland Garros Final against Alex Corretja

Gustavo Kuerten defeated Alex Corretja in four sets 6-7 7-5 6-2 6-0. In total, he won 111 and his rivals 83 points in this match. 



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