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Top 800 ATP/WTA & ITF Junior.


“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”
Ronald H. Coase


TennisProfiler has been working for several years with this product with all sorts of ITF players (junior grand slam, top 200 WTA players, top 1000 ATP players, tennis federations, private coaches & international academies). After a selection of 6 tennis sets (if possible 3 won & 3 lost) by its clients TennisProfiler will collect the data and create a complete balance sheet. These sets have to be recorded by the clients (GoPro) and sent to TennisProfiler or downloaded on Youtube. 


TennisProfiler's balance sheet will display and explain the game style of the player, his/her strengths & weaknesses with accuracy. This balance sheet gathers 192 analyzed factors compared with the ATP/WTA averages or the rivals played. Based on a 11 years of data analysis & statistics research, an optimization (made of suggestions) will also be done for the player and his/her team. 

The balance sheet + optimization will be displayed on TennisProfiler site with a secret password. On the exemple below the password is "Tennisprofiler".  

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Knowing the tournaments schedule and the difficulties the players face to train throughout the year, TennisProfiler can organise weekly trainings at any time. Possessing a vast network, it can provide coaches everywhere in the world when its clients need it. These coaches will be in touch with TennisProfiler and will work on the optimization based on the player's balance sheet. These weekly trainings can also take place in TennisProfiler's partner academies based in Switzerland or France. 

TennisProfiler's coaches & partners are all protected and won't be displayed here for the moment. Fore more information about them and the pricing, contact us.


TennisProfiler works with coaches all around the world and can find at any time the perfect coach for travelling with the player or a group of players. This travelling coach along with TennisProfiler will be in charge of preparing the player for its coming matches and if possible record his/her matches for the analysis. 

TennisProfiler's coaches are all protected and won't be displayed here for the moment. Fore more information about them and the pricing, contact us.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." Michael Jordan

Full coaching is also possible with us. TennisProfiler connects with optimized coaches who already showed success with many players. A team can be created everywhere in the world for the benefit of the player. 

TennisProfiler's coaches are all protected and won't be displayed here for the moment. For more information about them and the pricing, contact us.


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