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Last Update : April 2019

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* 20% more Aces/Service Winners & 40% fewer double faults than his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Won Points (78%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve (44%)

* Second Serve Won Points (59%)

* Ratio of Double Faults (5%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on Second Serve (5%)


* None


* Almost 2 times more Points with the Volley than his Rivals on Average

* Percentage of Points Won at the Net (73%)

* Total of the Points Won at the Net (22%)

* Varies well all kind of Net Approaches

* Serve & Volley (77% of the points won)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (76% of the points won)

* Baseline Approach (73% of the points won)

* Chip & Charge (55% of the points won)

* Volley Points/Errors Ratio (80%)


* None


* 25% more Points & 10% fewer Errors with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand in any Directions

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Cross & Down the Line

* Wins 55% of the Points after playing a Forehand Down the Line

* Wins 61% of the Points after playing 2 Forehands Cross in a row

* Wins 57% of the Points after playing a Forehand Inside In

* Wins 66% of the Points after playing 1 Forehands Inside Out in a row

* Forehand Approach

* Forehand Effectiveness in the Short & Medium Rallies (between 3 & 8 shots)

* Forehand Attack on a Short Ball

* Forehand Drop Shot (67% of the points when played)

* Forehand Touch on a short ball

* Forehand Pass


* None


* 15% fewer Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Wins 54% of the points after playing 2 Backhands Cross

* Backhand Effectiveness on the Service Games (consistency)

* Backhand Attack on a short ball

* Backhand Touch on a shor ball

* Backhand Drop Shot (58% of the points won)

* Backhand Pass


* 15% fewer points with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Wins 45% of the Points after playing a Backhand Down the Line

* Wins 46% of the Points after playing a Backhand Slice


* 25% fewer Errors for the Same Ratio of Points with the Return than his Rivals on Average

* Low Ratio of Errors with the Forehand & Backhand Return

* First Serve Return Won Points (31%)


* None

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Roger Federer is one of the best at deuce on his serve, check here why!

Roger Federer is the player on tour who varies the best all kind of net Approaches (serve & volley, 1-2 punch approach, baseline approach & return volley). In total, 22% of his points are won at the net (with or without a volley to play) and this is above the average of the ATP players. Besides being good charging the net, Roger Federer has one of the best hand at the net. His points/errors ratio with this shot is exceptional!

Offensive / High

Roger Federer is really effective with the Punching forehand in every direction and at any moment in the rallies. The forehand technique is as superb as efficient. Nonetheless, this is on his first forehand after the serve that he gets most of his points. His favorite offensive game plan is the 1-2 punch approach. 

Puncher / High

Roger Federer is not only a fantastic offensive player, he can also be an excellent Retriever when he has to. His defensive game style is better than average, he can counterpunch effectively too. As said previously, this is mainly with the backhand that Roger Federer Retrieves the most and is very consistent. The backhand can be played with slice too which is regarded as a Retrieving shot too.

Retriever / Medium

Roger Federer has one of the most effective serve on the ATP tour. Accurate & powerful, this shot gives him free point on a regular basis but allows him to attack right after it as well. Roger Federer would have never achieved all he has done without such an effective weapon!

Server / High

Roger Federer plays close to the baseline with pace. However, we can't say that he is a real Tempo player. The forehand is more played in a Punch/Tempo way which means that he hits that shot with topspin close to the baseline. The backhand can be played in two different ways: Retrieving / Tempo or Punch. The Retrieving / Tempo backhand is the one he plays very close to the baseline with pace and most of the time cross. His goal with that shot is to be consistent. But sometimes, he also likes to take risks with the backhand down the line and he plays that shot with Punch. 

Tempo / Medium

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