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2337 Points Analyzed Manually for this Study


* 70% more Points with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Very high Ratio of Points with the Backhand Cross & Down the Line

* Won 57% of the Points after playing a Backhand Down the Line

* Won 51% of the Points after playing 2 Backhand Cross in a row

* Backhand Effectiveness on the Service Games

* Backhand Attack on a short ball

* Backhand Touch on a short ball


* 15% more Errors with the Backhand than his Rivals on Average

* Backhand Drop Shot (20% of points won)


* 50% more Points with the Volley than his Rivals on Average

* Total of Points Won at the Net (41%)

* Varied well all kind of Net Approach

* Serve & Volley (16% of his total won points won)

* 1-2 Punch Approach (8% of his total won points)

* Baseline Approach (17% of his total points won)

* Chip and Charge (75% of points won)

* Volley Points/Errors Ratio (73%)


* None


* 70% more Points & 25% less Errors with the Return than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Points with the Forehand & Backhand Return

* First Serve Return Won Points (36%)

* Received 12% less Aces/Service Winners than Average

* Second Serve Return Won Points (55%)


* None


* 70% more Points with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* Very high Ratio of Points with the Forehand Cross & Down the Line

* Won 57% of the Points after playing a Forehand Down the Line

* Forehand Touch on a short ball or Lob

* Forehand Pass


* 60% more Errors with the Forehand than his Rivals on Average

* High Ratio of Errors with the Forehand Cross & Down the Line

* Low Ratio of Points with the Forehand Inside Out & Inside In

* Won 48% of the Points after playing 2 Forehands Cross in a row

* Forehand Drop Shot (not really played)


* First Serve Percentage (70%)

* Second Serve Won Points (57%)

* Ratio of Double Faults (6%)


* 30% less of Aces/Service Winners than his Rivals on Average

* First Serve Won Points (66%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on First Serve (14%)

* Ratio of Aces/Service Winners on Second Serve (1%)

Compare his Stats with the ones of the Other American Players here

Jimmy Connors was a dominant Tempo player. Hitting flat on both side close to the baseline he was generating pace on every possible ball. However, when compared with his rivals, he got a bigger edge with the backhand than the forehand. His return of serve was also outstanding!

Tempo / Very high

Jimmy Connors was much more a Tempo player than a Puncher because of the way he hit the ball (flat) and his court position (close to the baseline). Nonetheless, on slow balls he could easily accelerate the ball but that was also where he could make some unforced errors on the forehand side. 

Puncher / Medium

Jimmy Connors was dominated with the Serve against the best Servers of his generation. However, when he had to face a rival with an average serve, he could sometimes take a small edge with that shot. 

Server / Medium-low

Jimmy Connors didn't move forward like the server & volleyers of his generation but as a baseline player, he was really Offensive. As soon as he had a chance he would take the ball on the rise on both side and follow his shot to the net. Like that, 23% of his total points won were baseline approaches. 

Offensive / Very high

Jimmy Connors could Retrieve with Tempo and forced sometimes his opponents' errors. However, we can't say that he was a Retriever because he was far too offensive with the backhand and the forehand.

Retriever / Medium-low


When we compare both player on every possible shot, Jimmy Connors in that match only took an edge with one: the volley!

* Krickstein got an edge with the serve: 7 more aces/service winners & 5 double faults less (+12). 

* Krickstein got an edge with the return: 6 points less but also 8 errors less (+2). 

* Krickstein got an edge with the forehand: 7 points less but also 28 errors less (+21)

* Krickstein tied with the backhand.

As courageous as ever, Jimbo came in 144 times in that match

* 10 serve & volley (60% of the points won)

* 32 1-2 punch approaches (66% of the points won)

* 94 baseline approches (62% of the points won)

* 8 retur volley (63% of the points won)

* In total, he made 35 points & 13 errors with the volley against 1 point & 4 errors for Aaron (+25). 

1991 US Open 4R against Aaron Krickstein

In an epic battle Jimmy Connors, 39 years old, defeated Aaron Krickstein in five sets 3-6 7-6 1-6 6-3 7-6. In total the veteran won 180 points in this match and his rival 190 points. So 10 points separated these two players but in favor of the younger American.



As usual, Bjorn Borg was as solid as a rock forcing his rivals to make extra errors all the time. Even though Jimmy Connors won that match, he made in total 97 unforced errors in that final!

* 2 double faults

* 13 return errors

* 40 forehand errors

* 32 backhand errors

* 10 volley errors

This is maybe the Grand Slam final won with the most errors made. 68.8% of Bjorn Borg's points were won by the errors of Jimmy Connors. Ok forced errors but still errors! As far as Mister Borg was concerned he made only 45 errors. 

So Jimmy Connors made 97 unforced errors but also 96 points and that was just enough to win that baseline battle!

1978 US Open Final against Bjorn Borg

Jimmy Connors won a second US Open defeating Bjorn Borg in four sets 6-4 3-6 7-6 6-4. In total Jimmy won 141 points in this match and his rival 138 points. Only 3 points separated these two players.



I won't take any risks by saying that Wimbledon saw better finals that this one... 

Jimmy Connors dominated the Australian in almost all the possible area: 

* +10 with the serve

* +3 with the forehand

* +2 with the backhand

* +16 with the volley

The only area where he was less effective than his opponent was the return. +2 for Ken Rosewall. 

A final to forget for everybody except Jimmy Connors. No matter how you won it a slam remains a slam!

1974 Wimbledon Final against Ken Rosewall

Jimmy Connors won a first Wimbledon crown defeating Ken Rosewall in three sets 6-1 6-1 6-4. In total Jimmy won 98 points in this match and his rival 69 points. 29 points separated these two players.


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