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Below you will find all TennisProfiler products available for Top 100 ATP or WTA players


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln


TennisProfiler has analyzed meticulously every players in the top 100 ATP/WTA to know their strengths, their weaknesses and their fluctuation points between their victories & losses. According to the strengths of its clients, TennisProfiler will create the best game plan to get a precious edge against its rivals. Below you will find much more information about TennisProfiler new product MPF (Match Preparation with Fluctuations). 


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” Ken Blanchard


Once the match is played, TennisProfiler will hand a statistical feedback to the coach and his/her player. It will provide precious information about how the match was won or lost. To watch the matches & collect the data, TennisProfiler doesn't need to go to the tournament sites, it will use the ATP/WTA live streamings. Like this, it will strongly reduce the costs. 


Below you will find an exemple of TennisProfiler Stats Feed-back. It was taken from the AO 2019 final between Novak Djokovic & Rafael Nadal. 


“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”
Ronald H. Coase


At the end of a tournament or a tour, TennisProfiler's balance sheet will gather all the data from the matches played. This document will give the coach and his/her player a clear view about what worked or didn't work properly. TennisProfiler's balance sheet gathers 192 analyzed factors compared with the ATP/WTA averages or the rivals played. Based on a 11 years of data analysis & research, an optimization (made of suggestions) will also be done for the player and his team. 

The balance sheet can be displayed on TennisProfiler site with a secret password or can be sent separately in a PDF file. On the exemple below "Exemple on Site" the password is "Tennisprofiler". You will also find two kinds of optimization: a written one or a visual one. 


“Research is creating new knowledge.” Neil Armstrong


Any ATP/WTA player who is working during the whole season with TennisProfiler can ask for extra researches. These extra researches can be done on a specific point like for instance how the player reacted after losing his serve or at deuce when receiving. What is the influence on his/her game after a double fault. Or it can compare the performance of its client when he/she was at his/her peak and now. These extra researches can also be videos or visuals. 

Below you will find a couple of examples of these extra researches. 


Besides having its own coaches, TennisProfiler has a connection of data experts all around the world. At any time it can find the perfect coach for travelling with the player. A data expert can also be sent to the team of the player for a special event. 

TennisProfiler's data coaches are all protected and won't be displayed here for the moment. For more information about them, contact us.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." Michael Jordan

Full coaching is also possible with us. TennisProfiler works & connects with optimized coaches who already showed success with many players. A team can be created everywhere in the world for the benefit of the player. 

TennisProfiler's coaches are all protected and won't be displayed here for the moment. For more information about them, contact us.


Send us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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